SoftBrands, Inc. a global supplier of enterprise application software, announced the launch of Karyon, its new Distribution Service Provider ("DSP") solution. Karyon provides independent hoteliers, groups and management companies with the tools and resources to succeed in the highly competitive distribution marketplace. As a service organization, Karyon employs a strategy of hands-on, "high-touch" assistance to its member properties. Strategic Distribution Advisors are specifically assigned to each hotel for the long-term, to help develop consistent, unique, individual rate and distribution strategies and to deploy the necessary tactics to achieve success.

Based in Orlando, FL, Karyon delivers a unique solution for reservation management, representation services, Internet services, and electronic distribution for any size or scale of property. It provides seamless real-time connectivity to online sources of hotel reservations such as the Global Distribution Systems and thousands of online travel sites. Karyon gives hoteliers immediate electronic access to a single version of all rates and availability without the burden of room allotments and manual adjustments by individual segment or channel.

Powered by SoftBrands' internet-native central reservations and web portal products, Karyon gives its members the ability to optimize revenue with complete control over their own inventory while at the same time, helping to reduce operating costs while increasing bookings. "This service provides SoftBrands with a significant point of differentiation in the hospitality market," stated Steve VanTassel, SoftBrands Senior Vice President, Hospitality. "SoftBrands' solutions already help our customers effectively manage both independent and centrally operated hotels as well as their restaurant, spa, marina and golf operations. With the addition of Karyon, hotels can now also better use our solutions to profitably drive demand. We are excited to offer this wide range of hospitality services all backed by a single, global 24x7 support organization. "

"Karyon Strategic Distribution Advisors understand that many hotels do not have the resources or capacity to deploy complex revenue management strategies, including the ability to be effective in the Global Distribution Systems," stated Gregg Hopkins, Vice President and General Manager of Karyon. "It is the goal of our advisors to really know and understand the hotels that they represent and to effectively guide our members in the strategies that should be the most beneficial. For example, one strategy might include avoiding the channels and rate plans that might dilute the hotel's image and revenue."

"In fact, we are so confident in our ability to deliver," Hopkins continued, "we have coupled this strategy with an economic model whereby Karyon members only pay for performance. With no monthly minimum fees, we are sure to be the clear cost-effective choice for the global hotel marketplace."

Karyon services and the underlying technologies have been designed and developed to manage a property's entire rate, availability, and booking information through one system -- regardless of the hotel's property management system -- while maintaining complete control of a range of individual distribution channels:

* Global Distribution System Connectivity * Internet Distribution System Connectivity * Property Management System Connectivity * Internet Booking Engine * Live Central Reservations Office available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with highly trained, multi-lingual travel professionals * GDS and Claim Handling * Competitive Intelligence Reporting Karyon sales and marketing revenue-driving services include: * Online competitive rate shopping tool * GDS "hot messaging" * Private GDS chain level branding * Customized e-mail broadcast blasts * Internet search engine optimization (SEO) * E-mail marketing campaign development * Web trend marketing * GDS banner advertising

"Karyon allows our members to close the gap when competing with the larger hotel chains and change the way they view distribution. We specialize in pushing the unique selling proposition of each of our member properties out to the marketplace, rather than diluting every property's value into a 'me too' strategy at every point of reservation," Hopkins concluded.