The Marker Hotel is everything a five-star hotel should be. The property’s location and exceptional reputation mean that demand for the hotel is already pretty exceptional. “We run at a high occupancy rate,” says Ailis Cahalan, Marketing and Ecommerce Manager, “so our focus is growing the rate rather than just filling the room.” In the summer of 2017, Sojern approached Cahalan with RevDirect™ to drive more direct bookings through targeted online programmatic display advertising, but she was skeptical. “I was a little hesitant at first. I thought Programmatic. I’ve done that before and I didn’t like it,” says Cahalan, “I get why it works for big brands, but at the property level, it’s tricky.” Despite her hesitations, Cahalan decided to partner with Sojern on RevDirect starting in July 2017. It was more targeted approach than her previous programmatic efforts. “Because it was new to the market, I was keen to do it before other hotels. Secondly, it was a pay-for-performance, so I don’t have to pay unless I see a booking. It was nice and flexible to experiment with.” Get the full story at Sojern