1. An overall increase in family travel in Q4. In comparison to Q3, we saw a surge in family travel across the globe. Given the high number of holidays, many of which are spent with families, this uptick reveals the seasonal differences of Q4. 2. The top departure dates for Latin American travelers during the month of Semana Santa is at the beginning of April. Because many take two weeks off for Semana Santa, we see travelers looking at what prices and timing work best for their breaks. Knowing when travelers are shopping and what kind of decisions they are weighing gives travel marketers the opportunity to make a big impact by tailoring your creatives to motivate them to purchase now. 3. Asia-Pacific travelers are already looking for a long Easter weekend. With many countries like Singapore, observe Good Friday (April 14) as a public holiday, it makes sense to see one of the top searched dates for departure as April 13. Clearly, it’s never too early to start your campaigns. We see already in January a lot of travel searches for departures at the end of April. When planning this far in advance, many travelers don’t yet know where they want to go and are destination, and even brand, agnostic. Ensure your marketing strategy isn’t only focused on last-minute travelers, but also travelers with a long planning window. Get the full story at Sojern and download the full report at Sojern