TripAdvisor's new meta search product is being served up right on the home page. And TripAdvisor is sporting a breezy new logo with a an airplane and a new tagline to boot: get the best flights. then go.

TripAdvisor is pushing the "fees estimator" as a key selling feature... This handy item allows users to calculate the full cost of a trip including baggage charges. Somewhat humorously, it also will estimate on board charges - even down to if you want a cocktail. But, the fee estimator only appears to work for domestic tickets in the US.

Another interesting feature is the ability to display seat maps by clicking on "available seats" which opens a new window for airlines which are available for sale via Expedia. (Sorry, AA) And, of course, seatguru (another TripAdvisor property) reviews are also included with a separate click.

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