The group has significantly improved their online sales and RevPAR with RateTiger by introducing more room types and dynamic pricing across third party sales channels. The revenue management team of Ola Hotels is using RateTiger Channel Manager to sell rooms from an allocated inventory pool from each of the properties across multiple channels simultaneously. All reservations made on these online travel sites are captured, and available inventory is automatically redistributed for the hotels to sell last-room availability thus eliminating the chance of overbooking. Ola has been able to diversify their product offerings by creating different room-types and packages which are automatically mapped by RateTiger across these sales channels. “We have introduced a new pricing structure and are updating our rates in real-time across 8 online sales channels. In the last two months since we have started using RateTiger, our online revenue has been steadily growing. Thanks to real time competitor benchmarking reports, we can respond to market dynamics in real-time,” said Aleix Alcover, eCommerce Manager, Ola Hotels. “With RateTiger, Ola Hotels can centrally manage rates and availability in real-time across a variety of channels, as well as monitor channel performance to optimize online sales. Our hotel Channel Manager helps properties optimize online revenue potential by distributing availability across all relevant sales channels through a single pool or image of available inventory,” said Casey Davy, VP Sales, EMEA, eRevMax. RateTiger, from eReMax, is a fully integrated channel management and connectivity solution that entirely automates the connection between hotel inventory systems and distribution channels, regardless of business model, connectivity type or geography. Leveraging the flexibility of RateTiger, Ola Hotels can maximize its revenue opportunity and reduce its distribution costs by quickly and efficiently increasing its distribution reach. The hotel chain is able to update rates and inventory for 1200 rooms at property level through RateTiger's vast distribution network, while simultaneously monitoring and optimizing channel performance, thereby improving both online bookings and revenue opportunities. Related Link: eRevMax