Better understanding of common language is crucial to the future of the internet. “Speech recognition and the understanding of language is core to the future of search and information,” said Ben Gomes, Google’s head of search.. “But there are lots of hard problems such as understanding how a reference works, understanding what ‘he’, ‘she’ or ‘it’ refers to in a sentence. It’s not at all a trivial problem to solve in language and that’s just one of the millions of problems to solve in language.” Gomes was speaking to the Guardian ahead of Google’s 20th anniversary on 24 September, more than seven years after Google launched its first voice service as simple speech-to-text for search. Now built into Google’s search and its AI voice assistant which is embedded in billions of smartphones around the globe, voice recognition has become essential in developing countries with low literacy rates. Get the full story at The Guardian Read also "Google at 20: how two 'obnoxious' students changed the internet" at The Guardian