According to Key Lime Interactive’s in-progress Competitive Index report for last-minute hotel apps, mobile booking has gained significant traction among travelers, most notably in the last two years. Key Lime’s study is focusing on common trends and differences found within 16 top last-minute travel apps, such as and HotelTonight, and has pinpointed the requisite tools needed for marketers to attract more customers. “[Two necessary features are] how quickly it happens and how personalized the experience is,” said Dana Bishop, director of quantitative research at Key Lime Interactive, Doral, FL. “Also, serving up results that are very targeted and give you some options in how to sort them and make it easy to identify something that’s going to meet your needs. “There is a mindset that if you do anything last-minute, it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg,” she said. “In our current culture of impulsivity, people don’t want to be penalized for that. “Mobile-only last-minute deals have become more prominent. Transparency to users is definitely important in that area.” Get the full story at the Mobile Marketer