For its 10th anniversary, luxury hotel booking site Splendia took to Instagram to both create unique crowdsourced city guides as well as boost its awareness level. Working with Paris-based agency Kindai, the travel site launched Instagramers City Guides, a visual guide for locations such as Rome, New York, Istanbul, Barcelona, Lisbon and Paris. Splendia reached out to influential Instagramers with a passion for travel and photography such as Vutheara in France, Misshattan in the U.S. and Saaggo in Mexico. Over the course of the year, the brand collected images from the global travelers as they traversed iconic cities across the globe and recently launched the first edition of the Instagramers City Guide. Though the site displays the “like” and “favorite” counts of the various photos that have been brought together, it isn’t actually connected to Instagram, nor are visitors able to interact with the photos directly. Get the full story at Marketing Land