Meriton said it was a matter of control for Meriton. "As a hotel operator we reserve the right to dictate what, when and how we sell the product whether it is offline or online. Unfortunately the terms and conditions put on the table were too rigid for our liking and did not suit our distribution policy. The problem we had with Wotif is it's all or nothing. They want everything – the entire inventory: every apartment, every room type, every rate." Meriton wanted flexibility, the ability to sell whatever product it wanted through whatever channel it wanted at whatever price it wanted depending on demand, an approach that means not all its inventory would be available through online travel agents 100% of the time. "I guess at the end of the day we want to take control of our inventory. We want to work with Online Travel Agents but not just be dictated to via email." It was a tough decision for Meriton to make and there have been significant repercussions for the company, which owns and operates more than 2000 serviced apartments in Sydney and the Gold Coast. Meriton, owned by billionaire Harry Triguboff, is also Australia's largest builder of 'for sale' apartments. "It has impacted on our business and what it has meant we are all having to work harder. It's our off season so it's hard enough as it is. However, I believe this short-term pain is going to have some substantial long-term gain." Get the full story at Travel Trends