In one case, Paul English, the former chief executive of, is incorporating another intriguing element in his new company: a human touch in the form of agents who help customers throughout their journey via texts. “It was a real moment in time,” Joel Cutler, a partner at the venture firm General Catalyst, said of the first wave of travel startups. Cutler is a common denominator among many of the standard-bearers in the industry, having backed and ITA Software. He’s also funded several local newcomers, and said the nexus of travel-savvy venture capital firms here attracts eager young startups looking for funds. Cutler notes that startups are often more agile when moving into the crowded yet extremely lucrative online travel space, which has revenues of about $350 billion annually worldwide. “The concentration of really smart people doing really good work leads to next-generation,” he said. Get the full story at the Boston Globe