For example the local carousel results for “Hotels In New Jersey” search will now show locations in various cities from New Brunswick to Newark. Screen Pilot also noticed that when you searched for a state you were actually located in your state level results would always be changed to become more local to you. Google has been using your set location to personalize results for users for years so this is no great surprise. The new state level terms are likely part of the neighborhood level search that was also introduced as part of pigeon. Areas colloquial names are now very useful for local search and even areas as small as a few blocks are definable. Keep your eye on your Google local results over the next few weeks as more changes and rapid ranking movement is likely to continue to occur as everything is fine tuned. Get the full story at the Screen Pilot blog Read also "Experts weigh in on Google’s “Pigeon” update aimed at improving local search results" at Search Engine Land