The U.S. government isn't doing enough to prevent the nation from losing ground as a top international tourism destination, travel industry leaders said in a report released Tuesday.
Potential foreign visitors are turned off by "what is widely perceived as a complicated and confused visa" process, triggered by post-9/11 security rules, the report says.

Acknowledging its poor image among foreigners, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff in January announced a joint initiative that, among other things, sought to reduce visa hassles.

But the initiative hasn't produced adequate results, says the report from the World Travel & Tourism Council.

"Everyone celebrated that two secretaries were coming together to solve the problem," says Vince Wolfington, an American who chairs the London-based WTTC.

"The follow-up, for all practical purposes, has really been non-existent," he says.

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