According to a survey by the American Society of Travel Agents (which represents close to 6,000 travel agents), 47 percent of agents reported higher revenue in the first half of 2014 compared to the first half of 2013. On top of that, 45 percent reported more transactions and 43 percent said they increased their client base, year-over-year. About 74 percent of travel agents reported the same amount of revenue (27 percent), less than a 10 percent increase (28 percent) or more than a 10 percent increase (19 percent). Travelers may understand the value of agents more than ever now because they’ve tried other methods of booking travel - including booking themselves - and discovered it’s not as easy as it looks to get a great price and a great experience. When OTAs like Expedia first popped up in the mid-1990s, they could offer better prices to travelers than agents. But travelers don’t get personalized service with OTAs. And travelers are also realizing that successfully planning their own trips on the Internet - in terms of price and experience - is more difficult than it appears. Get the full story at Travel Pulse