Stayful was founded by travel industry veterans Cheryl Rosner and Shariq Minhas. Rosner is CEO, after previously serving as president of Expedia Corporate Travel and, while Minhas led engineering at Jigsaw, and worked for travel sites Expedia and Hotwire. There are plenty of services out there that try to line up the best deal on a hotel room for you. Stayful does something different by determining the lowest price you can use to bid on unbooked rooms at independent and boutique hotels. Stayful uses an algorithm to find the lowest possible price for you. Instead of listing the price and you booking right then and there, you use that price to bid on the unbooked rooms in the independent hotel of your choosing. You can choose to try a bid lower than what is recommended, but the Stayful bid rate is optimized for success. Watch interview at Bloomberg TV and read more on Stayful at TechCrunch and The Wall Street Journal