The line between SEO and other integrated marketing efforts continue to blur, and If you don’t keep the predictions below in mind and act on them, 2015 might be the year that your competitors steal your thunder. 1. Content Reigns There’s a balance to be found when it comes to creating, optimizing and distributing content. You want it to be easy to digest, especially for mobile readers. However, your website’s content should be unique and not so shallow or mundane that it can easily be found from other sources. Many sites aim for articles between 500 and 700 words, but you shouldn’t be afraid to increase word count if you’re the expert on a subject. While Google may cherry pick some of your content if it is useful — and formatted correctly — you want the users to ultimately visit and read from your links. Those impressions and potential sales, comments or subscriptions that your brand relies on won’t come if you don’t offer something unique to the reader. Furthermore, content doesn’t come just in the form of text. For example, video and audio content can be optimized for the search engine — and you should already be using alt text with the images on your website and in your blog posts. A combination of informative, entertaining or engaging written, visual and even audio content will draw in visitors and keep them coming back for more as long as you use the proper markup, so Google knows where to add your link in the SERPs. Get the full story at The BideEdge Blog