Pegasus Solutions has signed an agreement with Steigenberger Hotel Group to provide the hotel company with its RezView CRS and distribution technology and Utell Hotels and Resorts representation and marketing services.

Steigenberger Hotel Group will use the RezView CRS to provide integrated reservations and distribution capability to its approximately 80 hotels in Europe and the Middle East. In addition, the RezView next generation capabilities, recently introduced by Pegasus as RezViewNG, will provide even greater levels of flexibility and control by integrating CRS, Web functionality and guest recognition capabilities. A highly scalable and flexible technology platform capable of supporting many different distribution strategies, RezViewNG will allow Steigenberger hotels timely extraction of data for reporting and easy access via a browser-based user interface that serves as a flexible, single entry point.

?We are thrilled to have signed this agreement with such a well-known and respected company in the European hotel industry,? said John Davis III, Pegasus chairman and CEO. ?This deal is a testament to the dedication Pegasus has always demonstrated in helping our customers break through to new, innovative methods of earning more revenue. We look forward to bringing the benefits of our revamped CRS platform to Steigenberger Hotel Group, and to building a long-lasting relationship.?

In addition to RezView, Pegasus will provide Steigenberger Hotel Group with its Utell Hotel & Resorts representation and marketing services. With these services, Steigenberger Hotels will receive valuable sales, marketing and distribution support aimed at driving customers to its hotels, which will assist the hotel group in its goals of expansion, according to Peter Fitzgerald, president, Utell Hotels & Resorts.

?We are eager to provide the Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts and InterCityHotel brands with tailored representation and marketing services that will only enhance the solid reputation the hotel group has already established,? said Fitzgerald. ?With Utell representation services, I am confident Steigenberger Hotel Group will benefit from the experience and focus Utell offers in driving corporate and leisure business to their hotels.?

The world?s largest representation service, Utell Hotels & Resorts represents more than 700,000 rooms worldwide, and enables hotel groups to be available on the four major GDSs and more than 1,000 Web sites around the world. With Utell representation, each of Steigenberger Hotel Group?s approximately 80 properties will be promoted to travel agents with special rate campaigns and proactive marketing by a dedicated sales force.