#1. People open emails for three reasons. Specific self-interest, general self-interest (also known as brand) and curiosity. The reason we’re talking about self-interest instead of “relevance” is because the term “self-interest” keeps us on point – thinking about what they want. “Relevance” should mean the same thing, but often translates into “how do I make my agenda relevant to subscribers?” Knowing what they want comes from a collection of data points, from clicks and comments, searches and social media. The beauty of digital interaction is that our customers have an array of ways in which to tell us what they want by their explicit requests and implicit behaviors – it’s up to us to listen. It also comes from aligning your subscribers into segments that relate to who they and not simply how they relate to your KPIs. A segment called “shoe lovers” aligns with their personality and tendencies in a way that “recent purchasers” doesn’t. Get the full story at Econsultancy