As an avid reader of a half-dozen daily lodging industry trade publications and several leading mainstream news sources, rarely does a day go by when I don’t see at least one new opinion article or survey talking about the characteristics of the so-called millennial generation. Marketing budgets are being deployed, recruitment plans are being devised, training rollouts are being designed, and hotel brands are being launched to target the theoretical psychographic needs of this age-based demographic. I certainly recognize there is some value in looking at general trends on a macro level, such as for marketing and HR recruiting and training. It also makes a fun topic for conference presentations and blog postings, by the way. However, I think our industry has gone too far in accepting these stereotypes as absolute actionable facts. From what I see personally in conducting about 75 frontline hotel training workshops throughout North America each year, many managers have become biased about all of the so-called “facts” about millennials to the point of being prejudiced against younger workers. Way too often during pre-training consultations, sidebar discussions and coffee breaks, I hear managers bemoaning younger colleagues with complaints that start out with “You know these millennials always …” or comments such as “Yeah, a typical millennial... .” Get the full story at Kennedy Training Network