While the seismic shift toward content marketing is suddenly a hot topic today in hospitality and tourism circles, Sendlinger has been fine tuning the art of brand storytelling since the company’s inception in 1993. Based in Berlin, Design Hotels is a network of 250 hotels in 46 countries. Boutique in size and demeanor, all of the hotels share a stridently confident and well-defined design vision. In February, after more than a year in development, the new designhotels.com launched as a culmination of Sendlinger’s efforts to create a community of hip hotels and design-conscious consumers. “Our aim is to provide our community with a platform that is truly distinctive through its combination of recognition, value and experience—a travel companion rather than a brand extension,” says Sendlinger. “Overall, we have better integrated commerce and content. Booking a hotel is now a seamless and transparent experience where details on room types, sizes and rates are automatically shown. “Our pages are also now longer and rich with videos, photos and behind-the-scenes information you won’t find anywhere else.” Get the full story at Skift