For the uninitiated, straight-to-room keyless entry allows guests to check-in to their hotel, select a room and receive an encrypted passkey that is sent to their smartphone. Knowing that you’ve selected room 666 at Hotel Diablo (yes, I wrote this around Halloween) and your credit card has been authorized, Hotel Diablo’s PMS generates the passkey and emails it to your device. With either Bluetooth or NFC enabled, you simply approach the door to Room 666 with your device in hand (or pocket), and, spookily, the door unlocks and you enter the room. No fumbling for the hard key. No figuring out which way to stick the magnetic strip into the lock. No tapping a key to the lock. Just approach and enter. This application is being implemented in various stages at large chains, brands and independent hotels. Various retrofits to existing locks also are being rolled out. Get the full story at Hotel News Now