With so much time being spent in the hotel room, guests are now demanding much more of their in-room entertainment systems. Two thirds of respondents to the survey, carried out by YouGov, said that the gadgets and gizmos offered by hotels is now a major part governing the ultimate choice of hotel.

Samsung sales and marketing director, Pammi Mudhar, said: "Despite the slowing economy, consumer expectations for a 'home from home' hotel experience are rising. Most homes these days are equipped with an array of advanced technologies. As a result, three-quarters of us expect hotel entertainment systems to at least match our home set-up, with over one in four (26%) expecting an even higher standard."

The research also revealed differing traveller behaviour if a hotel doesn?t have good tech. The study showed that 36% would boycott future visits to the hotel, 32% would moan about it to friends, family and on travel websites while 23% would actively switch hotels to find one with better gadgets.

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