Based on data from three million users who agreed to share their Gmail inboxes, Return Path’s study found promotional email engagement has changed only slightly since Gmail released its inbox tabs: "Almost no commercial mail is reaching the “Primary” tab, but instead of ignoring marketing messages, Gmail users are actively searching for them and reading them at almost the same rates at which they did before tabs." In a round up of email marketing before and after read rates, Return Path found many industries saw little to no change after the introduction of the Gmail tabs, with a some industries experiencing a slightly higher read rate. According to the Return Path’s data, 90 percent of promotional emails were delivered to the “Promotions” tab, with “Promotion” tab emails generating a 14 percent read rate. The .3 percent of promotional emails delivered to the “Primary” tab had a 24 percent read rate. The nine percent of emails sent to the “Social” tab earned an 11 percent read rate. Get the full story at Marketing Land Read also "How the new Gmail tabs could change email marketing"