Of those surveyed, 27 percent said price was the No. 1 reason they choose a particular hotel. Quality of accommodations (22 percent) and location (21 percent) came in second and third, respectively. When it comes to hotel rewards programs, 42 percent of those who have stayed in a hotel at least once in the past 12 months said they participate in a rewards program. The benefits they seek the most from a rewards program are: discounted rates or pricing (77 percent), points toward a free product or stay (63 percent) and special perks or amenities like free meals or Wi-Fi (49 percent). Those who stay in hotels for business purposes four or more times per year prefer to earn points toward a free product or stay. Online deals found on sites like Groupon or LivingSocial also greatly influenced consumers and travelers (50 percent), while more than one-third said discounts on review sites like Yelp made them more likely to visit a hotel or restaurant. Interestingly enough, social media wasn’t valued very highly by consumers in the survey. A whopping 77 percent of consumers said it’s “somewhat” to “not at all” important for a hotel to have a social media page, while just over 20 percent said a social media contest would make them more likely to visit a hotel or restaurant. Travelers felt it was more important for an establishment to have an online presence on its own website (83 percent) or via online reviews (61 percent). Get the full story at Travelpulse and download the full report at SurveyMonkey (PDF 279 KB)