Looking at more than 900 users during August and September, Socialbakers reported that the overwhelming majority of the content — 71 to 76 percent — was posts by friends while 24 to 29 percent came from Pages, owned by owned by companies, celebrities, public figures and organizations. Of the posts by Pages, 9 to 10 percent were promoted. Such sponsored posts made up 3 percent of the overall total of posts seen by subjects in the study. Facebook doesn’t release details about the content makeup of people’s News Feeds, which are determined by its famously complicated algorithm, so studies like this one are handy for tea-leaf-reading marketers. The Socialbakers’ survey panel was selected from users of the Socialbakers social analytics tools so it is likely a more technically savvy group than an average set of people on Facebook. That might account for the low session length Socialbakers reported. In about half of the 23,000 sessions studied, users viewed only four posts before exiting. Only 15 percent of sessions lasted for more than 20 posts. A couple other interesting findings: - If the second post on the News Feed was a post by a Page, there was 46 percent chance that it was promoted. - Video posts by brand Pages were equally spread throughout the News Feed – they didn’t generally get pushed to the top or the bottom. Get the full story at Marketing Land