The survey found that the most common reasons why travelers don’t use offers that they receive are that they don’t arrive at the right time, expire before they can be used, don’t offer enough savings, or don’t apply to their areas of interest. Most respondents (88 percent) indicate that they are more loyal to a brand that offers relevant deals. Almost half (47 percent) of respondents said they would be open to paying a premium of at least 17 percent for more contextual and relevant offers. Yet only 22 percent of respondents say travel providers always recognize them as a past customer. The survey also revealed that leisure activities are an integral part of travel for 92 percent of respondents who do so for business. This opens up further opportunities for providers to introduce relevant leisure offers to encourage a richer experience as business travel presents increased opportunity for leisure activities. Mindtree recommends several steps for hotels and other travel providers to deliver more personalized experiences. Get the full story at Lodging and download the report at Mindtree (free registration)