The study -- U.S. Digital marketing Forecast, 2014 to 2019 -- points to search as the largest share, social media investment will grow faster than any other interactive channel. The growth should prompt some interesting changes in marketing such as introducing personal networks for promotion and commerce, signaling brand supporters, and making agencies realize the importance of marketing clouds. In fact, the latest Forrester forecast showcases rising investments in interactive marketing during the next five years and outlines what this means for marketers. It's important to note that while interactive marketing will overtake television advertising in 2016, its pace of growth is starting to slow slightly. Forrester attributes the change to upward and downward pressures affecting projected digital investment. Three factors will contribute to an increase in interactive investments through 2019 -- for starters, a recovering economy that boosts tech confidence, followed by more media for advertisers to buy and a marketer's ability to prove performance, which has become extremely important. Get the full story at MediaPost