Many people forget e-mail isn't brand new to recipients. This sounds like a strange statement to make, but think about it. How many times do you receive e-mail messages from a company for a few months, and each starts out as if they were the first e-mail the company ever sent to you?

And how many times have you not opened, read, or clicked on an e-mail for months, yet the messages keep coming to your inbox?

Designing entrance and exit strategies is critical to your e-mail program contact flow. The strategies can vary by campaign or account. Simply put though, the entrance strategy is the acknowledgement your recipient has received or interacted with e-mail messages from your company in the past. The exit strategy is the defined manner and time period in which you'll remove someone from your e-mail list.

Before you can write an entrance or exit strategy, there are a few key questions you need to ask yourself.

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