The survey found that seven out of 10 adults intend to take a leisure trip 50 miles or more from home or overnight during the next six months. This is the same percentage recorded in the October 2007 travelhorizons survey, indicating there has been no degradation in the overall incidence of intentions to travel among Americans despite the uncertain economy.

Almost half (48%) of all respondents stated that they were not planning to make any changes to their future travel plans as a result of the current economic crisis. However, demand from more value-sensitive travelers is expected to show some decline. Of those with an annual income over $75,000, a sizable number (82%) intend to travel during the next six months, while households with an annual income below $75,000 are more likely to agree that "travel is too expensive" and are "reevaluating their travel plans because of budget concerns" according to the survey.

Survey results are based on an Oct. survey of more than 2,200 adults, which explored the travel intentions of Americans during the next six months.

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