A survey released by Socketware, Inc., makers of Accucastâ„¢ e-mail marketing solutions, at their annual Client Conference revealed that 68 percent of IT and e-mail marketers are concerned with e-mail deliverability issues, underscoring the business value of an effective e-mail marketing tool.

Of the nine topics referenced, respondents identified e-mail filters (92 percent) and/or ISP blocking (76 percent) as their top concerns. Survey results also showed that companies have increased e-mail marketing campaigns over the past year (84 percent).

"Companies are recognizing e-mail as a fundamental piece of their overall marketing strategy," said Michael Pridemore, CEO, Socketware, Inc. "To ensure that messages are successfully delivered, received and responded to, an e-mail marketing tool that enables users to create, track and analyze dynamic messages is vital."

Survey respondents identified their greatest e-mail marketing challenge as having their messages perceived as Spam, which may cause recipients to ignore or delete permission-based messages.

In an online survey, Socketware polled its clients on their use of e-mail marketing, views of the industry and e-mail marketing concerns, including deliverability, Spam filters, whitelisting, blacklisting and commercial e-mail legislation. Socketware plans to use this information in the development of relevant new services and in the continual improvement of current products.