Jacent Technologies announced the result of its summer travel and room service survey. The survey, designed to discover consumer attitudes regarding room service, was based on 153 respondents, and revealed that the time it takes to order room service is a significant consideration for summer travelers staying at hotels and resorts.

"July and August are the busiest months for summer travel," said Trevor Stout, president and CEO of Jacent Technologies. "Our survey results not surprisingly show that travelers consider part of a relaxing vacation to be convenience and short wait times when ordering room service."

Significant findings of the survey include:

- Ninety-five percent (95%) of respondents are planning to take a summer vacation, and 55% plan to stay at a hotel or resort, the number one lodging choice. Motels came in a distant second with 14.5% of the respondents selecting them.

- Eighty-one percent (81%) cited room service wait-time as important or extremely important.

- Fifty-eight percent (58%) would be more apt to order room service if it was faster and easier.

- Sixty-six percent (66%) would use an online or automated ordering platform to order room service, if it was available.

With technology increasing the speed of most every type of transaction, consumers are becoming more accustomed to faster, more efficient service, and are less likely to wait. This survey reveals that room service is no exception. Hold times on the phone or difficulties in the ordering process definitely deter customers.

"By ensuring short wait-times, hospitality organizations will generate more revenue from room service while making it faster and more convenient for the guest," continued Stout. "This is definitely a win-win situation and these organizations should look into new ordering options before the next major travel season is upon us."