SITA this spring surveyed 6,277 leisure and business travelers who during the prior six months had traveled through one of the major airports in Africa, the Americas, Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Europe. Leisure travelers represented 67 percent of respondents, while 33 percent were business travelers. Thirty-five percent of the respondents indicated they "may" use mobile payment options, while about one-fifth said they were "not willing to use their smartphone for these activities today or in the future." As 97 percent of travelers surveyed indicated they carried a smartphone, laptop or tablet when traveling, it's not surprising that many of them want to use their mobile devices to facilitate or enhance their travel experiences. Wayfinding topped travelers' wishlists, as 57 percent of respondents indicated they want mobile applications to help them navigate through airports. Half of the travelers surveyed also said they want to use mobile phones for such activities as boarding a plane or entering a business lounge. Get the full story at Business Travel News