Social marketing's been around for a while now. Are you in? Or are you waiting? Have you been there, done that, and gotten the T-shirt? Are you battle weary and wish the whole social thing would go away? Or are you ecstatic with your results and evangelize social marketing whenever you can? Those options sum up the sentiment of 1,700 U.S. and Canada based businesses that NextStage surveyed in 2013 regarding social marketing experience. While not the largest group in the study, more than one-fifth of businesses currently using social marketing are not happy and are ready to replace social spend with more traditional buys. These people already went the "let's do something else" route, and things either got worse or stayed the same (and in both cases the return didn't justify the expense). Most companies that fell in this 21percent bucket were using social as a cross between general consumer promotion and targeted marketing, something all admitted after the fact was a major mistake. One CMO said, "We were serving two masters, and that never works. Worse, the two masters were usually at odds with each other." Get the full story at iMedia Connection