For overall bookings for 2017, 62% of Ensemble member respondents said they expect sales to increase when compared with 2016. Europe in particular is on the rebound, with 46% of respondents saying they are seeing stronger bookings for 2017, compared with a decrease in Europe bookings for 2016 by 49% of members surveyed. Croatia, Iceland and Ireland are tops on the list of international destinations in which clients are showing new or renewed interest, replacing traditional favorites such as Paris and Rome. In the land segment, 61% said they expect an increase in bookings for 2017 compared with this year, with FIT programs showing the largest gains (57%), followed by groups (26%) and escorted tours (17%). Domestic travel overall in both the United States and Canada, which saw an increase in 2017 due to world events, will remain a top travel option for 2017, with 35% of Ensemble agents saying the United States will see gains and 20% saying Canada will see an increase. Get the full story at Travel Market Report