It goes without saying that the travel industry contributes to a significant amount of waste and pollution. While many travellers do care about the environment, few are willing to curtail their holidays completely, because the proposed experience is too compelling or the alternatives are too difficult and/or expensive. Yet, even the most cynical of luxury travellers are aware of the need to go green. And for many, a personal lack of action only increases their desire for premium travel to be environmentally considerate – because while travellers might not feel they can go green themselves, they most certainly expect big airlines and hotel conglomerates to lead the way. In recent years sustainability in the travel industry has progressed from a truly niche consideration to an industry-wide priority (helped, of course, by airlines, airports and hotels finding that adopting eco-friendly initiatives also saved them money). What is now clear to accommodation providers is that holidaymakers expect the companies they book with to be as responsible, ethical and sustainable as possible – allowing hotel guests to reuse their bed linen isn’t enough. Over the coming years expect travel brands to integrate sustainability into their offerings in exciting and inventive ways. Here’s a selection of three innovative yet eco-friendly trends in the luxury hotel sector. Get the full story at the Telegraph