Leading online global travel network Swiftrank continues to enhance its position in the Asia Pacific region, announcing its first direct hotel client partnerships in the crucial burgeoning economies of China and India. Swiftrank counts more than 2,000 websites dedicated to Asia Pacific destinations among its rapidly expanding network of more than 12,000 location-based travel sites, including more than 100 in its home city of Singapore.

Swiftrank today announced its first direct client relationship in India, with the 3-star Hotel Richmond Inn, New Delhi. In China, four hotels—InterContinental Hong Kong, InterContinental Grand Stanford, Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Causeway and Express by Holiday Inn Causeway—have signed on as Swiftrank Featured Hotels.

Like all of Swiftrank’s Featured Hotels partnerships, the new agreements provide the partner properties with premium positioning on both the home pages and interior pages of Swiftrank’s customized destination websites. In addition, Swiftrank provides Featured Hotels with direct links to their own proprietary websites, driving highly profitable direct bookings that avoid high commissions. Swiftrank caps the number of hotels listed on each site, ensuring that the featured properties receive maximum exposure to prospective guests.

Although large online travel agencies have recently begun a major push to gain footholds in the booming markets of Asia Pacific, Swiftrank excels in this region, which it chose for its global headquarters in Singapore. While many international online travel companies report that they book 10% of their total revenues in Asia, the region accounts for more than a quarter of Swiftrank’s revenues. Swiftrank is especially strong in China and India, offering 230 and 559 sites, respectively, dedicated to assisting travelers with planning travel to various destinations within those two rapidly growing travel markets.

Swiftrank now counts 21 countries with partner hotel clients, including strong penetration in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.

“Many travel companies are strong in their home region and aspire to become global,” says Swiftrank CEO Sue Heilbronner. “We were global from day one, and we’re seeing the benefits of that vision in this exciting growth phase for our business. The industry is becoming more international, and we hope to continue to facilitate truly global exposure for our partners.”

For more information on Swiftrank and their online global travel network, please visit www.swiftrank.com.

About Swiftrank

Swiftrank is the world’s largest online travel network, overseeing more than 12,000 location-based travel websites for destinations around the globe. Swiftrank’s optimized, interactive sites facilitate transactions from more than 101 countries, generating profitable revenue for travel companies by driving direct bookings for hotels, resorts, restaurants, spas and car rental companies through one or more highly relevant, targeted Swiftrank network sites, including www.LasVegasHotels.com and www.SingaporeHotels.com.sg. Swiftrank, Pte Ltd., is headquartered in Singapore, with offices in the United States. To learn more about how Swiftrank can work for your property or travel company, please visit www.Swiftrank.com, follow at @Swiftrank, or call toll-free 866-308-RANK (7265) or +1-720-239-1285.