Kem Siew – VP Sales & Marketing at Swiss-Garden International commented, “Trying to gather price intelligence manually is extremely time consuming and subject to limitations. We understand that technology is fundamental to a hotel’s success. Therefore it’s necessary to adopt a technology solution.” “We choose RateGain because it is one of the pioneers in the market and offers a compelling Rate Shopping Tool (PriceGain) and Channel Manager (RezGain). RateGain provides us with customized solutions for our Group, currently operating with a diverse range of products across multiple brand categories: Hotels, Residences, Resorts and Inns. We believe with the help of their competitive and innovative rate intelligence solutions we will be able to redefine our pricing strategy and retain a competitive advantage.” “One of the features which is really useful to us is the capability for apple to apple comparisons of Room Types & Rate Plans.” Get the full story at RateGain