Fewer than one in ten (7%) active travelers currently has access to the Internet from an iPad or other tablet computer such as a Samsung Galaxy Tab or HP Slate, etc. Among those who do, the activities in which they are most likely to engage when traveling include finding restaurants or shops nearby based on specific search criteria, comparison shopping for airfares and hotel rates, and searching for the latest information on flight schedules and delays, all mentioned by roughly four in ten. Roughly one-third also use their tablet computer to book air travel or lodging, and look for ratings or reviews of hotels, restaurants or destinations. Approximately one-quarter have navigated a destination using the GPS function on their tablet device, viewed a virtual visitor guide, or shared information and photos about their travel experiences. And two in ten have used the check in feature or an app on their tablet computer to share information with others on where they are. It is interesting to note that tablet utilization habits mirror those observed on smartphones with one important exception: tablet users are significantly more likely to use their device to comparison shop airfares and hotel rates. Related Link: Ypartnership/Harrison Group