The online hotel booking market is relatively packed, and standing out from the pack is difficult for any brand. The leadership at thirteen-year old Tablet Hotels, takes the position that each new entrant that may promise something new or unique is actually either a validation of its model or an opportunity to further evolve. Tablet Hotels features a limited number of hotels in nearly 900 destinations around the world. In a market like London, for instance, you’ll find fewer than 60 properties, as opposed to over a thousand on The promise of Tablet is a specialty property at the lowest possible cost, and it has a history of delivering. In addition to the listings, Tablet’s site also offers a magazine and a series of travel guides that offer a mix of inspiration and information that it hopes will help guests make smarter decisions before and after booking. Skift sat down earlier this month with Tablet Hotels CEO and co-founder Laurent Vernhes in the company’s New York office. Get the full story at Skift