In the not too distant future you will be able to lie on your bed in a hotel room and control room features and services entirely with voice commands. The technology behind this is already available. Many homes already have an Amazon Echo, an Internet-connected voice interface that connects you with Amazon’s Alexa voice service, providing on-demand music, TV, audio books, travel information and many other services through simple voice commands. While geeky guests might be excited to find an Amazon Echo or similar device in their hotel room not everyone is convinced that this is a good idea, even at London’s Eccleston Square Hotel, a high-end property known for its high-tech features. “I'm not sure this would work for all guests, some might even find it frustrating,” says manager James Byrne. So while it could be a “cool” additional feature, which a proportion of guests would enjoy he argues the cost of implementing the system could outweigh the benefits. Get the full story at EyeForTravel