Hoteliers need to take an all-hands-on-deck approach to driving profitability in 2017, according to speakers at a recent Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International event. Google's Terri Scriven said a more acute targeting of guests would occur across the industry, something she termed “sniping.” The practice is driven by the use of more accurate data and focused efforts organizationally of delivering coordinated marketing messages. Suzie Thompson, who worked at online travel agencies before coming to Red Carnation, said the hotel-OTA relationship used to be driven by a sense of partnership, but that the landscape now was more about algorithms and conversions. “For us, 2017 will see a greater targeting of repeat customers as our strategy, and then it will be about how to optimize our (customer relationship management database),” Thompson said. She warned, though, that hoteliers should get excited about avoiding commissions by circumventing OTAs, noting In-house marketing costs roughly the same as business coming in through an OTA, but the latter looks worse on a profit and loss statement. Get the full story at Hotel News Now Read also "Cornell: The future of hotel revenue management"