How are you seeing travel brands target consumers? And beyond that, at what stage do you think is the most critical to engage? I personally think the research or consideration stage is critical — the person is entering their interest in location, timeframe and other data, including number of people and things like that. Brands can then use this data to convert these visitors — in even that first session — by delivering the right content based on these explicit data points. As this person browses and navigates the site, each of these interactions get built into their profile and should be used to deliver a dynamic and personalized experience at each click. Should they leave the site without booking, this data can be used in display and other online-marketing acquisition and retention if it’s a repeat customer. Then there are also vehicles to retarget and even cross-sell to that consumer so that they ultimately convert. That’s interesting. So, going a step further, I imagine relevance delivery is huge for travel brands right now. What are some trends you’re seeing in personalization and optimization as it relates to travel? Mobile apps are becoming an increasingly important tool for travel and hospitality brands, whether it’s using iBeacon technology to welcome them to a property or using a mobile phone as the keycard to enter a room. Having an optimized mobile experience is essential. As a frequent flyer, I constantly rely on my airline’s app to keep me updated on flight details; it also welcomes me when I land and encourages me to advocate for their brand through social media by “sharing my arrival” to Facebook. An area I think that is more of a future state for personalization is being able to deliver offers and content based on my profile and interests, for instance, when I walk by a screen or walk into my room and the TV starts playing a promo or ad catered to me. I think there are a lot of really great opportunities on the horizon for these companies to embrace technology to deliver a better experience with their brand. Get the full story at Adobe's Digital Marketing blog