To help you prepare for your next family encounter, here are some TED Talks that shed light on these complex relationships and how you can make the most of them: 1. It's OK to talk about how hard it is. Nerve co-founders Rufus Griscom and Alisa Volkman launched the parenting site Babble after they had their first child and learned a lot of things other parents had refrained from telling them. Such as, that you might not fall instantly in love with your baby the first moment you see him or her. (Some people do, for others it takes a little longer.) Or that the first months of your child's life might be the loneliest time in your own. In their thought-provoking talk, they blast through some of parenting's most common taboos - and encourage audience members to talk about them. It's a great idea. Being a parent, or a child, or a spouse, can be very hard work. But at least admitting that out loud removes some of the unrealistic expectation that everything should be perfect all the time. Get the full story at