From the comments and trackbacks to the original post, Read/WriteWeb posts 10 more future web trends:

1. Integration into everyday devices (suggested by Mark Schoneveld); As examples Mark mentioned your grocery-ordering refrigerator and your health-monitoring bathroom. Commenter #63, Jack, had a nice term for this: "device pervasiveness". One can imagine Microsoft and Google battling it out in this domain over the coming years.

2. Hyperlocal; Sebastien Provencher forsees "the transformation of the web into an exciting hyperlocal tool." He said that the combination of the social web, geo-tagging standards, GPS-enabled mobile devices, and the eventual arrival en masse of small merchants and online municipal governments "will forever change the way we see our city or our neighborhood."

3. Data retrievel/manipulation agents; Commenter #45, Bill, wrote that we can expect in the future a "a metaweb tool" that comes with "an AI program". This device will do data retrieval and manipulation for users, interacting directly with people.

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