Here are some questions you should pose to any potential marketing partner before signing that contract: 1. What’s your experience within the hospitality industry? The hotel industry is a dynamic and complex one, and widely different from all other industries. You’ll want marketing vendors that are experienced navigating the online hospitality landscape. Even better, you want them to have already made all of their rookie mistakes earlier in their career. Hoteliers deserve customized, expert advice based on thorough knowledge of the industry, best practices, metrics and benchmarks. Partnering with marketing vendors who specialize in hotels gives you a massive competitive advantage, versus working with an agency that spreads its knowledge and client roster too thin across all industries. 2. Am I investing in services? Or, do-it-myself software? Several vendors are selling software that still requires you to manage and navigate on your own. Do you have the marketing team on staff to dedicate to learning and piloting this software? Or, is the vendor offering their expertise, their time and the talent to implement programs for you? Will they build your hotel website design or just give you a “CMS” (content management system) to build it yourself? Get the full story at Tambourine