ClickZ has 10 reasons you'll likely find yourself spending 25 percent more on search engine advertising over the next 12 months.

Search Engines Adjusting Their SERPs

Google's recent shift of the right rail ads closer to the organic results within the overall SERP (define) are the tip of the iceberg. As the engines evolve, they will play with changes to color, backgrounds, and placement of ads in order to make the ads look fresh, different, and relevant. CTRs (define) will increase and therefore you'll pay more if your budget supports it. If those clicks were profitable at a 1.6 percent CTR at position 3, then they should be equally profitable at a CTR of 1.9 percent. It's just a matter of deciding you want the extra clicks and making sure your budget settings let you purchase the profitable clicks.

Better Relevance Engines

There are billions of searches for which it is difficult for the search engines to pick the right ad from thousands of possible matches with diverse match types, domains, and bids. All the search engines are working on how best to select a relevant ad for complex queries or queries for which there is no exact match bidder.

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