There's never been a better time to launch a mobile marketing program. There's a substantial audience of consumers using mobile phones to send text messages, share pictures, surf the web, download content and even watch TV. And this audience has shown an increasing willingness to engage with brand communications across these activities. Perhaps best of all, the medium is completely open and uncluttered because most brands are still trying to figure out how to plan campaigns in this burgeoning space.

Be one of the savvy brands seizing the opportunity by following these 10 tips:

1: Provide real value. The mobile phone is your customer's personal device and you need to respect it as such by ensuring the relevance and value of your brand communications. Why would someone invite your brand into their pocket? They won't unless you offer them something entertaining or informative. A beverage brand with sports sponsorships might offer downloadable pictures of stars; a maker of allergy medication might offer localized daily pollen count alerts; a consumer bank might offer customizable text alerts about activity in your bank account; a hotel might offer guests confirmations sent to their phones for easy reference at check in; a movie rental store can send alerts on newly available titles, and so on. Think of conveying your brand as a service to consumers' personal device.

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