While exciting in theory, pay-per-phone-call (PPPC) campaigns, have several obstacles to overcome -- from the misfortune of paying for responses that turn out to be telemarketers (instead of prospects) to the overall low volume of response compared to similar pay-per-click search campaigns.

Plus, PPPC can be expensive: the cost per incoming call starts at a minimum of $2 per call and goes up from there.

However, companies with a conversion process requiring phone conversations, may find PPPC worth testing.

One such marketer, Nathan Belcher, VP Operations StaffingMedical USA, told MarketingSherpa his PPPC campaign is "dramatically outperforming" his traditional pay-per-click campaign. Belcher, who began a PPPC campaign recruiting registered nurses in early 2005, says his conversions across his current pay-per-call provider network are averaging 3.3% compared to other search engine PPC conversions at .66%.

Of course, the overall number of calls is fewer than the number of clicks. Still, PPPC generates far more qualified leads.

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