Have you ever ask yourself this question? Should my hotel website use the verbiage Book Now, Search, Check Availability or Reserve on the reservations console Call-To-Action (CTA) button?” If you haven’t asked yourself that question, or a similar question, you could be missing out on an opportunity to drive incremental revenue for your property. Through Conversion Optimization Testing, our customer Magnolia Hotels was able to increase click-through on their reservations console button by 3% and their revenue per visit by 40% simply by changing the verbiage from Book Now to Search. You may be thinking, “Great, I will update the verbiage on my CTA to Search.” Not exactly. Other hoteliers have experienced the highest return with the verbiage Check Availability and Book Now. The challenge is that every hotel has a unique website and property experience, as well as a unique customer base. A strategy that works for your competitor may not work best for your hotel website and potential guests. Even the most experienced marketer in the industry cannot predict the user behavior on every hotelier’s website. The most accurate way to truly understand how to optimize your website traffic and increase your ROI is to test it! Get the full story at Web In Travel