When the press and public use Google News, Yahoo! News, or AOL News, they often find recent and relevant press releases along with news stories in the results. This has prompted a new generation of pioneers to re-invent the press release for news search engines.

Tad Clarke, the Editorial Director of MarketingSherpa, refers to their innovation as "the tactic known as SEO PR." Others call it "search engine promotion," "press release SEO," "press release optimization," and "news search SEO."

But, whatever this innovation is called, it faces some of the same mixed reactions that Ivy Lee encountered 100 years ago. Brian Easter, the CEO of NeboWeb, captured this ambivalence in a recent article for Promotion World entitled, "SEO PR: Buzzworthy or Just Hype?"

Meanwhile, another group of inventors are urging public relations agencies to post their news releases to social media websites. They're also lobbying press release distribution services to add del.icio.us bookmarks, Technorati tags, and Digg buttons to every news release.

They call their innovation "PR 2.0," "PR Squared," and "the social media press release."

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