The event planning software company Social Tables and the advocacy group Meetings Mean Business have collaborated with industry experts on a trend report called “The 9 Ways Meetings Will Impact Hotels in 2015.” Some of the areas where hotel and meeting trends will mesh in 2015: 1. Cybersecurity: A recent property/casualty insurance newsletter dubbed 2014 “The Year of the Hack.” Indeed, the country was shocked at the breadth and depth of the hacks that affected huge companies, most recently Sony. According to the Social Tables/Meetings Mean Business Trends Report, Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration surveyed the computer networks of nearly 150 hotels and determined that the VLAN system in place at the W Dallas-Victory was the most secure. On the flip side, the Trends Report warns that hotels can get sued for not providing adequate security, as is the case for Wyndham, currently defending itself against a suit alleging it made “cybersecurity promises it couldn’t keep.” 2. Meaningful Measurement:Today, hotels are able to “track the entire ecosystem of an event”—and each attendee’s journey to and through that event. This will enable “greater efficiency and better customer service,” says the Trends Report. And if hotels successfully share relevant data with meeting planners, those planners can use that data to demonstrate ROI and thereby ensure continued investment in meetings. The ability to track attendees’ actions “in exquisite detail,” says tech guru Corbin Ball in the report, will emerge as one of the “most significant advantages of having a mobile event app.” Get the full story at MeetingsNet and download the complete report at socialtables (free registration)